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भारांच्या निमित्ताने

Meghana Bhuskute and her team completed a  dream project about भा. रा. भागवत. I am sure whosoever can read Marathi has read Bha Ra's books @ Faster Fene, Bipin Booklwar, Jule Verne' transactions etc. This year is his 105th birth anniversary. And what a tribute my friend who herself is a good  writer and editor offered to Bha Ra. I have just started reading but I was hooked right with the page cover itself. Congratulations Meghana!!! I attempted something that tested my patience, pushed me to read and reread many books, was one damn difficult task. Output is पुत्र व्हावा ऐसा पढाकु here-


नव्हते कुणीच झडली झाडे सारी       भगव्या ऊन्हात खारी पेटले दिवस विझे रातीचे वारे       तगमग समुद्र खारे सोन्याच्या लगडी खड्या सर्प तलवारी देखणा बहावा दारी मिटतीे फुलती सुर्यकळ्यांचे हार तू ऊनमग्न बहार